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When my first book came out, I had a small publisher in Ontario. I was thrilled, as any author is with their first book. The publisher helped get me events in the local Chapters and I was off to the races. But times change and my small publisher closed down and I took my work back into my own hands, so to speak.  

I have four books out now and I have been blessed to have developed relationships with the local bookstores where I live.  

Our local Coles is hosting me for the second time this saturday. As a self published author, I find myself asking and asking again for support from friends and family alike. Support means the world to authors like me.  I order my own books in, have them shipped to my house and convince stores to take them on consignment. Believe me, I don’t write for the money, I do it because I love it.  

So, I thought, what can I do back?  Today I posted on Facebook that I’ll be donating $2 from each book sold in store on Saturday to Romero House, a local organization that serves meals to those who need it locally, amid their other work.  Because I also want to support. I want my kids to see that it’s important to give as we receive. 

But I want to take it further.  Whenever I make a sale through Amazon, I make about $3.50 in royalties. 

This weekend, I will also add $1 donation to Romero House for each book sold on Amazon or Kindle.  

You can find my author page here: https://www.amazon.com/Nuala-Reilly/e/B00J1HZ67U

So, allow me to ask for support from you, dear friends, and I will in turn put some back into my city.  


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