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My dog Katie is dumb. She is SUPER pretty and we love her, but she’s dumb. I’ve mentioned this before. She is the type of dog who will look right at you, while standing in the yard, cock her head, so you KNOW she hears you calling, and then won’t come in. Because she is dumb. She also has fallen off the couch while relaxing, walked into walls and barked at her shadow.

She also has cancer. It’s a whole thing.

So, sometimes Katie will eat people food. Not because we give it to her (she has a sensitive stomach, especially now, and is prone to doggy barfing – which I CANNOT handle) but because she will find ways to sneak it. She loves to get into the garbage. And she LOVES when forgetful teenagers leave anything edible on an accessible surface.

Needless to say, especially since her diagnosis, we’ve become a little extra vigilant.

On Monday night the kids asked for pizza for dinner. We don’t order pizza out much, we all prefer to make our own. It’s healthier and this way we can each customize what we like. For example, I don’t like tomato sauce on my pizza. I prefer alfredo. Or, brushing my crust with olive oil and parmesan. Anyway, the kids and I packed up and went to the grocery store where we bought five pizza crusts; one for each of us home that night. We took them home, thawed them, and started putting together toppings. Meat pizza for the younger two kids. Veggies and veggies and more veggies for me. And crab and smoked oysters. Oh my goodness. The other benefit to making our own is that we always have some to take for lunch the next day, so no scrounging in the morning to make lunches.

Anyway, I timed it so that Shawn’s would be last, since he gets home after us all. Well, he came home and asked me if, while he waited the five more minutes until the oven was free for him, I would stretch out his dough for him. Of course I said sure, so I spun it out and left it on the counter.

We all went into the living room and five minutes later I came back to the kitchen to put his dough on the pan.

Only it wasn’t there.

I called in to Shawn and asked him if he moved it. He sounded surprised by the very question when he said no. I said, well, it’s not here. I asked one of the girls if she was pranking her dad, but, she never pull pranks. Cut to all of us in the kitchen looking around for a large, round, raw pizza dough.

Cut to Katie, hiding in her kennel, licking her chops.


Poor Shawn. We all had crispy, delicious, custom pizza and he had a counter full of toppings and nothing to put them on. He wound up running back to the store and getting another dough real quick which we quickly put in the oven once assembled.

Like I said. My dog is dumb.

But, not so dumb.

Five pizza doughs – $12.50
1 extra dough – $2.50
3 minutes for one dog to eat an entire raw dough??? Priceless.

Katie spent the rest of the night avoiding Shawn. The kids thought it was hilarious. Shawn…didn’t.


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