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I confused my plethora of American friends this weekend by posting up Thanksgiving wishes and pictures and that’s when I remembered that my facebook account has shifted so much over the years that I now likely have more American friends on there than Canadian ones. So, as fun as it was to see all the similar posts from my Canadian buddies, it was MORE fun to see my American ones get confused.

All the LOLs.

Our thanksgiving was lovely. First, my brother and his wife came home from over two years in the UK and Scotland! It’s funny how you can forget what it’s like to actually *see* family members you haven’t seen in a long while. My kids are older, taller and much cooler. They are coming home to meet three nieces (one for each of my three sisters) who were born while they were away. Many, many hugs were shared.

Also, thanksgiving was at our house and it was beautiful. My parents came and stayed with us, Ciaran, the elusive brother (who sadly and inexplicably did NOT get a trace of accent from living overseas) and Angela, and my sister Niamh with her husband Andy and their four kids. It was a full, loud house and it was magical.

I did all my favourite things. I made a turkey AND a ham, made butternut squash soup, chocolate orange cake, roasted potatoes, veggies and salad and oh my it was wonderful. I even tried my hand at those rolled up apple roses that seem to be all over the internet. Of course I augmented mine with a sprinkle of cinnamon and toasted pecans before sifting icing sugar over them, and they were delicious.

Really, that’s all I need in my world to be happy. A big group of family enjoying food together, drinking great wine together (OH MY GOD we had good wine. 2010 Pinot Noir from Napa Valley. Day-um) laughing together and talking over one another and eating and just having a great time. I wish it could have been like it was back in the days when we all lived in one province and we all came home for the holidays but right now I’ll take what I can get. To have half of the family there was wonderful. And this is a bit of our reality right now. Who’s to say if it will ever change back again?
Okay, probably not, but hey, a girl can wish.

With a brother in Alberta, one in Quebec, two sisters in Ontario, a brother and a sister in Nova Scotia and my parents in Nova Scotia, and us of course in beautiful New Brunswick, getting together with everyone these days seems to be reserved for weddings and funerals. Sadly. And yet that is not unusual for families. Families grow and move on and they are supposed to branch out and evolve.

I hope that all my Canadian friends had just as lovely a weekend as we did. We capped ours off with a walk in our favourite park, to work off the pie and Mum’s amazing dinner rolls. Then we waved goodbye and hugged goodbye and went home to look at our own children and lament the not too far away days when they too will be scattered and coming home for the holidays.

Ah, to feed the world with food and love and wine. All I need to feed my heart is family.


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